How To Share PubG Through Any File Sharing App?

How To Share PubG Through Any File Sharing App ?

PubG is in trending, everyone likes to play PubG because of its graphics and features. It’s too addictive. But every newcomer faces problems while downloading PubG as we have limited data. If you want To Share PubG Through Any File Sharing App then keep reading this article as I am going share the process to do so.

PubG is a large size game. We have limited data and many of us face network issue, so it’s better to receive PubG through any files sharing app from our friends. But if you don’t know how to do so then you may face problems. Read this post till the end to know more.

PubG’s file size is over 1.5GB. These files are stored on the file manager. You have to just share those files and you will be ready to play.

How To Share PubG Through Any File Sharing App?

(1)First of all locate the File on your file manger.

(2)Go to your phone’s file manger.

(3)Then go to Android.

How To Share PubG ?

(4)Now go to obb.

How To Share PubG ?

(5)Choose com.tencent.ig file.

How To Share PubG ?

(6)Share the file with your friend.

How To Share PubG ?

(7)Now share the PubG apk with your friend.

(8)Install the PubG apk on your friend’s mobile. Open the game for the first time.

(9)Then a file will be created on your friend’s phone. [Android >> obb >> tencent]

(10)Move in to the file you have sent.

(11)Copy the file you have received from your friend.

(12)And paste that file on the PubG tencent folder.

(13)After you have successfully pasted the files. Open the PubG app.

(14)Log in and you are ready to play.

By following above ways you can easily share PubG through any file sharing app [Like Xender, ShareIt]. If you face any error do comment below and I’ll try to help you out.

Thank you for reading. Visit again 🙂

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