How To Set Jio Caller Tune? – 3 Official Methods

How To Set Jio Callertune ?

Jio has made a revolution in phone & SIM cards industry. After Jio we don’t need to pay a single penny extra for caller tune. If you are a Jio user and you don’t know how to set Jio Caller Tune , then you are in right place. In this post I am going to share some ways to Set Jio Caller Tune. Hope this article will help you to Set Jio Caller Tune.

Jio provides many ways to Set Caller Tune. Every steps are easy, but you may face problem if you don’t know the process. Read this post till end to avoid mistakes.

I am going to share 3 easy methods to set caller tune on your Jio SIM. All the three ways are official and easy. You can easily set your favorite music as your caller tune.

Caller tune gives a great experience to the caller. Caller will here some music, as it’s better than normal tone. If you don’t know how to do so then follow the below steps, I have added 3 ways to set caller tune. Find the one which is easiest for you.

Now let’s dive in to the post………..

Methods To Set Jio Caller Tune :

You can set caller tune on your Jio SIM with three methods. All the three ways are easy, and I guess you will not face any problem after reading this post.

There are three ways to set caller tune –

(1)Through Mobile App.

(2)Through SMS.

(3)Through Call.

Now let’s elaborate every methods…..

>>Set Caller Tune Through Mobile App :

On the era of fast 4G internet, the best and easiest way to set caller tune is through Mobile App. As you can browse and listen to millions of songs on the mobile app. Choose the best one for you.

You can easily dset your caller tune through JioSaavn app. Previously this app’s name was Jio Music but currently it is known as JioSaavn.

Follow below steps to set caller tune through Mobile App :

(1)First of all download JioSaavn app from the play store.

(2)After the app has installed simply open the app.

(3)Choose your language you want to hear song and continue to the app.

(4)Search for the song you want to set as caller tune.

(5)Play the song.

(6)Below of the song name you will get an option to set jiotune . Click on that.

(7)Confirm your request and the song you have chosen will be set as your jio tune. You will also get a confirmation SMS regarding this.

>>Set Caller Tune Through SMS :

Another easy process to set caller tune is by sending SMS. 

First of all open your message box and create a message. Type JT and send it to 56789

You will receive some list of music types like bollywood, regional, songs etc. Choose what type of song you want to set as Jio tune.

>>Set Caller Tune Through Calling :

If you liked your friend or family’s caller tune and you want to set that caller tune as yours, then you can easily do so by follow below steps.

Call your friend or family member on the number Jiotune has enabled. Now press star (*) to set that as your caller tune.

By following above the steps you can easily set you Jio Caller Tune. If you have any doubts or questions then let me know in comments I’ll try to solve them out.

Hope you enjoyed this post, visit again 🙂

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