5 Best Camera Apps For Android [2019]

Best Camera Apps For Android

Everyone liked to capture awesome photos. They want to capture DSLR like photos. But for this, we need third-party camera applications. There are a plethora of applications in the Play Store. Not all the apps are useful. Choosing the best one is hard work. If you are searching for Best Camera Apps For Android then you are in right place. In this post, I am going to share 5 Best Camera Apps For Android which I have used personally and found helpful and I guess you will also love these applications.

Camera App helps you to capture great photos with different kinds of modes. And you can also capture great photos with this kind of applications. You will get many inbuilt features with these apps which will help you to enhance your photo quality.

You can also shoot video with these apps. You can use different effects while capturing. You don’t need to edit that video clip and add effects.

If your phone’s camera quality is not so good, then give these apps a try. I believe that your photo quality will be better than the normal one.

Many apps are there, you can search and use those too. But I used many camera apps, only find these apps better than the other.

Five Best Camera Apps For Android :

Third-party camera apps are good for you if your phone’s normal is not so good. You can use these five camera apps to enhance your photo quality.

I am not saying that these apps are the best. But you can give these a try. I used these and worked for me what I need and I guess these will also work for you.

Selfissimo :

Best Camera Apps For Android

Selfissimo is in first position in my list because of its auto photo capturing capabilities. When you are posing this app will keep capturing photos. You will also be able to see the preview of your photos.

But one problem with this app is that it only captures photos in black & white.

Start a photoshoot & this app will snap a photo each time you stop moving.

Manual Camera :

Best Camera Apps For Android 2019

Manual Camera is in second position in my list. You will get DSLR like settings in your phone.

You can set exposure manually, you can set focus, if your ligtning is not good then you can set the brightness, you can set white balance manually,

You will also get manual shutter speed, you can capture your photos in RAW Format, you can also add GPS, Timer etc.

This is one of the best camera apps. Give it a try.

Retrica :

Retrica is the third camera app of my choice.

Best Camera Apps For Android 2019

Retrica gives you real time filters and you can change filters by swiping.

You can also make collage directly while capturing.

You can also convert your videos in GIF.

This app gives you the ability to add stickers on your photos directly while capturing.


Best Camera Apps For Android 2019

Motion stills is in the fourth position of my list of Best Camera Apps For Android.

If you are thinking about to create a short video then this app is good. And this app is different from other regular apps.

You can make fast forward videos and this app helps you to stabilized the video.

You can also create loop videos and share directly on social medias.

You should give it a try if you are thinking about to make short video.

Filmic Pro :

Best Camera Apps For Android

This is a video camera app. If you make videos for YouTube or for any other platform then you can try this app, this app will give you cinematic effect.

If you want to focus on specific any object then you can do so by tapping on the screen. You can also lock that by multiple tapping. Or you can also set exposure and focus manually.

This app gives you real time color changing ability. If you need to add color on your videos then you can directly do with this app.

You can also use video effects while recording any videos.

You can also capture your videos in slow motion or fast motion.

This app is one of the best app for video recording.

That’s it in this post, I hope you liked this post. Keep visiting for more this kind of posts.

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